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Olive Software is truly an authority in the electronic publishing market. Since the start of Olive in 2000, it has a strong history of innovation, including the first XML-based electronic newspaper, the first automatic XML conversion system, and the first web-based electronic magazine.  The technology behind those innovations and products is proprietary and helps make Olive unique in the industry. 

Technology Highlights

    • Automated Transformation of any content into unified, richly tagged XML format, optimized for reuse and consumption on any device
    • Proprietary Micro-content Management Technology created from legacy, new, and/or third party content elements, enabling maximum repurposing and flexibility
    • Concurrent Publishing Technology delivers display-optimized content to web-browsers, mobile devices, eBook readers, and print-on-demand software; readily integrated with any CMS workflow solution
    • Combining digital content with social media and eLearning platforms allows publishers to deliver greater value and develop new markets


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