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Olive Technology - An authority in the Publishing World

Olive Software is truly an authority in the electronic publishing market. Since the start of Olive in 2000, we have a strong history of innovation, including the first XML-based electronic newspaper, the first automatic XML conversion system, the first web-based electronic magazine and now, cloud-based cross media publishing solution. The technology behind those innovations and products is patented and proprietary and helps make Olive unique in the industry.

The Core of our Technology: OLIVConnect Platform

OLIVConnect is a cloud-based multichannel, cross media content management and publishing platform that enables seamless content transformation, repurposing and publishing. Based on easy to use, web-based tools, and a simple, 3-step workflow, there is no need to install and maintain cumbersome production and publishing systems.

Transforming any print and digital content so it can consumed and enjoyed on any device.

Why Olive Technology

A straightforward, ePublishing process

Update, enrich and publish live, fully interactive publications that are immediately readable on any device. Our publishing process leverages your current publishing workflow, enabling you to preserve the processes you’ve worked so hard to create. We pick up where your print production ends, transforming your “print ready” content into a powerful XML database that drives mobile-friendly, responsive HTML5 results. Olive enables you to produce your  content simultaneously for different publishing channels such as Olive Apps, HTML5,  EPUB and more. We can also provide custom format needed for Amazon or Barnes & Noble stores.

Fully integrated with your CMS and production environment

By using smart interfaces, our products can be integrated with any print or web CMS, combining and packaging content from any source, to deliver greater value to consumers.

Maximum searchability and flexibility of content

Proprietary micro-content management technology created from legacy, new, and/or third party content, enabling maximum repurposing, searchability and flexibility.

Tools and services that deliver value to our customers

OLIVConnect delivers intelligent content processing, publishing, distribution & monetization services through a set of easy to use tools and professional services:

Your Content transformed

Automated transformation of any print and digital content into unified, richly tagged XML format, optimized for reuse and consumption on any device. Suitable for digitizing paper, microfilm and PDF conversion. Olive XML Distiller is faster, more accurate and more scalable than any other content intelligence and tagging solution.

Content that is easy to read and access

A powerful and flexible HTML5 eReader, delivers a print-like reading and consistent experience across all browsers and devices. It requires no heavy PDF download, and supports a quick streaming content access. Suitable for newspapers, magazines and books.

Olive Cross Media Publishing App – designed to bridge the gaps between print, web and social worlds and supporting based on advanced Mobile First Publishing Strategy. This by providing an integrated and  easy to deploy solution, for delivering all of the publishers internal and external content, print, digital and social content, with a single easy to use mobile app.

Olive Search – Olive’s “professional grade” search engine provides powerful boolean, contextual, wildcard, and phonetic search capabilities. Rapid display, highly relevant search results, and the intuitive navigational aspects.

Olive SmartLayers – Olive SmartLayers is content enrichment tool, enables quick and easy production of engaging enhanced  Editions. It enables adding smart links, media and added value to the original content, all post-production, e.g. anytime during the content life cycle. Virtually any object that can be placed on a web page (e.g. video, audio, photo gallery, widget, etc.) can now be effortlessly added as controllable layers to a digital publication, to create a more engaging reader experience.

Olive Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) – Olive SDK creates the foundation for multiple publishing applications, Olive Digital Newstand V2.0 and Olive Cross Media app (OCM) being the newest one.

OLIVPay – a highly secure and intuitive paywall and content metering solution. OLIVPay provides tools to convert anonymous users into registered, paid subscribers such as vouchers, promotions & single product.

OLIVMail – OLIVMail is an e-mail blast and marketing automation tool. It simplifies the creation of content marketing campaigns to encourage engagement, subscribership, special events, offers and more. OLIVMail allows to capture leads, nurture interest and convert readers into subscriber.

Olive Analytics – Olive Analytics provide the publisher with important insights on how content is been consumed. It provides information such as most popular content items and their reading patterns, readership analysis, demographic analysis and more.