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This document provides Olive customers with a description of the support policy of Olive Software.

This document will also provide an insight into Olive’s Customer Support, our tiered support structure and the various support channels that are in place to manage emergency and non-emergency situations.

The Olive Customer Support Department is responsible for all customer technical issues ranging from questions and configuration changes to ongoing production. We strive to deliver the best world class service and solutions to our customers.

Support Structure

Your Reader’s experience is of paramount importance to both you and Olive. Partnering with your customer service, Olive’s support team will provide you with two additional levels of support.

Tier 1: End-user support

Olive Software does not provide end-user support. Publishers should provide Tier 1 support to their readers directly. Olive has provided a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document to help you get started with questions you may receive regarding Olive’s products and services; it can be found at

In instances where your technical staff is unable to resolve reader issues, please gather as much detailed information as possible and escalate the issue to Olive Support (Tier 2).

Tier 2: Olive Customer Support

Olive’s Customer Support is available for non-emergency issues 9:00am-6:00pm EST Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Emergency support procedures are detailed below.

Reader issues, as well as routine support issues for your publication should be opened in our Support Self Service Portal, which can be found at At the end of implementation, the self-service portal credentials will be sent to the email address(es) you provided; additional self-service users can be requested as needed. Once a support ticket has been opened, information exchange will occur via email. Information relating to the handling of this communication is provided in the next section – Support Channels.

Please note, to avoid delays, emails should not be sent directly to the Olive resources that assisted you in implementation. Opening a support ticket is the quickest way to get resolution, as it will automatically be routed to the appropriate customer support member. Your username should be your company email address; the system will generate a new password for you if you have forgotten yours (support does not have access to retrieve your current password).

Tier 3: Analysis

Issues regarding complex problems not resolvable by Tier 2 will be escalated internally within Olive Software. The resolution or feedback will be channeled through the responsible Tier 2 customer support member back to your support team.

Support Channels

Non-emergency Issues

Your initial channel of communication with Olive Customer Support is by opening a support ticket in the self-service portal, which can be found at Your customer support team should open all non-emergency support or information requests through this channel. Olive Customer Support response time is typically within one business day.

This method should be used for routine issues such as reader usability problems, skin change requests, non-critical publication errors and feature problems.

Thorough information is important to the Customer Support team in order to resolve your issue expediently. This typically reduces the number of emails being sent back and forth and ultimately produces a more timely resolution. Helpful information includes:

  • detailed problem description include product and viewing mechanism
  • include URL/site link and login credentials if appropriate
  • screenshots if appropriate
  • OS and browser version
  • is the problem intermittent or consistent

Production Issues

If you are a SaaS or ASP customer and have a publication production error such as missing or wrong pages, publication not available or missing feed channels, an email should be sent to or as assigned to you in implementation with a description of the problem.   Response via email is typically within an hour.

If you perform your own production in-house and have a question/problem, a ticket should be entered in the Support Self Service Portal.

Emergency/Critical Issues

Olive Customer Support provides an emergency support hotline for critical issues available 24×7. This number should be reserved for publication critical issues and not given to end users. An emergency is defined as any issue that prevents on-line use or availability of your publication.

 Olive Customer Support Hotline: 866-747-1220 or 757-498-5287

The 24 hour emergency support answer center will work through a calling tree until they make live contact with a support engineer. Typical customer call back will be within two hours. Misuse of the Hotline for issues that are not critical may result in additional fees.