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Multiple solutions from a single cloud-based platform, for transformative new revenue models and content consumption experience.

Dynamic Digital Editions 

We are confident when we say we provide the best replica eEditions. Olive eEdition is more than yesterday’s newspaper, enriched with live media, integrated with your website to deliver story updates,  and viewable on any platform with a responsive design that readers enjoy using and continuously engage with. See increased subscriber KPIs and advertising revenues and take control of your eEdition like you have never before.

Mobile CrossMedia Publishing Apps

Olive Mobile CrossMedia Publishing solution help redefine your business strategy and deploy a more effective mobile publishing strategy. Olive’s unique approach is to bridge the publisher’s primary content channels – web, print and social, into a unified content strategy that creates a coherent content journey!

Digital Archive

Convert, preserve, and protect your historical microfilm, print and electronic content so your subscriber can access and view from any platform. Engage them even further with intuitive navigation, enhanced graphics and advanced search engine. Unlocks historical content’s revenue potential through paid subscriptions and advertising revenue.

Digital Advertising

Your eEdition represents a significant opportunity for local and national advertisers. Reap the benefits of advertising campaigns and take advantage of a new set of revenue streams for your publications. Leverage real-time bidding and private exchanges.

Subscription Management & Paywall

This is a next-generation paywall and subscription management solution that allows for maximum flexibility with your content and product packaging, from simple hard paywall to sophisticated content metering and promotions. Convert anonymous users into subscribers as an integrated piece of your publishing strategy.

Content Marketing and Automation 

Go beyond just notifying your reader ‘today’s issue is ready’ – engage them with Olive’s powerful e-mail automation tools for both notifications and marketing automation. With advanced features, you see in powerful email products that are geared towards newspaper publishers needs. Let’s take your email marketing to the next level!

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Not just eEditions

We have robust technical capabilities and flexibility to do more with your content – not just create an eEdition:

  • Express you brand and uniqueness – we make them look different for each client – not a one size fits all
  • Flexible modes of implementations – in any environment, CMS or even without CMS integration. The choice is yours
  • Better technology platform flexibility – end-to-end HTML-5 technology enables true, platform agnostic publishing strategy
  • Empowering publishers with great controls – flexibility, simplicity, transparency and visibility with any of Olive’s platforms, tools and technology
  • We are your revenue partner – not only a technology vendor – generate more revenue from advertising and content distribution opportunities

Switch from Cost Center to Profit Center with Olive

Our newspaper products have powered hundreds of customers and thousands of titles for organizations (US & International) including many of Top 100 US newspapers and mid-small size local newspapers.