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Bring the Past into the Now

Powerful digitization solutions to transform any printed material into digital, searchable online collections.

We work with universities, colleges, and other institutions that have huge content repositories with historic documents, newspapers, and other printed material. Our software automates the conversion process – from scanning paper or microfilm and indexes it to make it searchable at a very granular level. We automatically categorize it and thus dramatically improve the online usability of microfilm, microfiche, paper and other digital documents.

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Our capabilities - Your Peace of Mind

Librarians love it because it preserves and organizes their vast historic content and makes it easily accessible to users while preserving the original look and feel.

Researchers, students and the public enjoy the easy and fast (global) access and searchability of the content needed for their work and enjoyment.

Multimedia combined with traditional printed material significantly improves their user experience.

Libraries and institutions appreciate the cost savings due to reduced storage, reduced distribution and delivery cost.

Preserve your rare books, historic newspapers and old journals with Olive Technology!

See what Olive can do:

Penn State University  – Civil War Collection of 56 Newspapers (1831 – 1880)

Pennsylvania Civil War Era Newspaper Collection contain all the words, photographs, and advertisements from selected newspapers published during the pivotal years before, during, and after the U.S. Civil War.

Olive and JPRESS (The Jewish Historical Press website of the National Library of Israel and the Tel Aviv University) go a long way back, more than a decade actually. Olive has helped and assisted in developing JPRESS from its initial stages as a small project to what it has become nowadays the major source for Jewish historical newspapers and journals on the web and one of the most important primary source databases in the world of Jewish studies.

Yaron Deutscher
Head of Digital
The National Library of Israel, Jerusalem

Preservation was a key driver for our Olive project, as was ease of access. We’ve been a 24/7 library for over a decade, but digitizing our student newspaper archive has allowed us to provide access anytime, anywhere, to a larger number of users than the print or microfilm could.

Robin Wagner
Library Director, Gettysburg College