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Leveraging national scale to maximize advertiser reach and deliver incremental ad revenue to our publisher partners

OLIVads is the first service that offers national advertisers access to a broad network of digital newspaper replica editions (e-editions).Advertisers can choose from three options: spadeas, full pages and inserts. OLIVads units run on the same day in the same position in many of the top U.S. newspapers.Olive Software handles the production and ad server activities required to bring national advertisers to hundreds of newspapers and millions of readers.

Advertiser Benefits

E-editions represent a significant growth opportunity for national advertisers. Olive Software is uniquely positioned in this space thanks to our best-of-breed replica viewer and industry leadership position. OLIVads is the latest market-leading innovation from Olive and it’s designed to help publishers and advertisers reap the benefits of national advertising campaigns. According to analytics, the typical Olive e-edition reader views more than 30 pages in a session and spends more than 18 minutes reading each edition. These statistics reflect the deeply engaging opportunity OLIVads offers national advertisers.

Advertisers are able to embed a link to a landing page or their home page within their ad creative. When a reader clicks on the link it will open up the advertiser’s web page in a new window. OLIVads units are not limited to a single insertion day. Advertisers can order ads for a number of days, reinforcing the advertising message in numerous markets for the length of a promotion.

The OLIVads solution is truly the first medium that can be an extension of either the advertiser’s digital budget or their on-page print budget.

Publisher Benefits

OLIVads represents the first and only advertising network of its type and offers a completely new revenue stream for publishers. This is accomplished with minimal labor from the newspaper as Olive Software handles all the logistics for publishers in the campaign.

With the greater emphasis being placed on digital products within the newspaper industry, OLIVads is a service every publisher will want to participate in:

  • Newspapers can provide national advertisers a guaranteed position that does not conflict with any local contracts or other guaranteed placements
  • Newspapers benefit from being part of the larger Olive Software family; national advertisers are looking for the broadest reach possible, more than they can get with individual papers

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Full-page OLIVads inserts are shown on the right (above) and left (below) pages, between sections of a newspaper 


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