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Olive ActivePaper Daily (APD) is a leading SaaS (Software as a Service) e-publishing solution and browser-based viewer used to produce replica e-editions for hundreds of newspaper titles daily. Recent enhancements enable publishers to create incremental advertising opportunities, social media access, and enhanced content repurposing. Optional mobile device support is provided by Olive Mobile Viewer and iReader. APD can be integrated with Olive ActivePaper Archive to create a seamless archive of historical and “go forward” content.



APD turns static newspapers into dynamic, rich content that drives reader engagement. Our unique technology brings papers to life across all platforms. By atomizing and tagging newspaper content the Olive platform delivers a highly relevant search experience that’s second to none.


  • No special software needed
  • Full text searching
  • Incorporate video and audio
  • Shop, search and clip ads
  • Social media sharing
  • Link access to ads
  • Search, print, email articles
  • Ad and article sharing
  • Offline reading capabilities
  • Anywhere access, on any device
  • Multilingual translation capability



Subscriber satisfaction and adoption is driven by many factors. According to subscriber surveys conducted by Olive’s customers, ease of use is always at the top. More recently, social media integration, inclusion of video clips, commenting, availability on most popular mobile devices, and automatic notification of favorite topics have become favorite subscriber features. New audiences and new business models drive circulation expansion and revitalization.


Subscription revenue is certainly important, but the name of the game is advertising revenue. Where print continues to vie with a host of new competitors for the advertising dollar—free news websites, blogs—APD can cost-effectively level the playing field with its flexible packaging such as the inclusion of banner ads, embedded video ads, and customized advertising.


By offering an e-edition of their newspaper, publishers can take advantage of significant cost-saving benefits:

  • Reduce distribution costs
  • Reduce production costs
  • Reduce mailing costs
  • Eliminate employee copies
  • Vacation starts/stops
  • Eliminate print delivery complaints


Turn website visitors into BPA and AAM-audited subscribers that can be tracked and validated. This allows valuable readership information such as interests, unique visitors, sessions, and general reading behavior to be recorded. This information can be used by the advertising sales staff to sell/up-sell advertising, circulation managers to understand reader demographics, and the editors to determine which topics are popular and trending. Tracking information also enables the publisher to determine which subscription-based third party content—games, columns, entertainment—is popular (and cost-justified).

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Using digital editions gives us new ways to serve our readers and advertisers. We like providing customers with the choice which best meets their lifestyles.
Frank Whittaker, Vice President, Operations, McClatchy
Our e-Star edition meets the needs of customers who want a portable, electronic platform for reading today’s paper while maintaining the familiar design and organization of the printed product.
Chris Christian, Vice President of Circulation, Kansas City Star

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