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Bridge the Gap between Print, Web and Social
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A true cross media app that packages news from print, web, social media, podcast and more. Go beyond providing just breaking news and turn your digital portfolio from a cost center to a profit center.

Olive’s new cross media app has been designed to bridge the gaps between print, web and social worlds and supporting a Mobile First Publishing Strategy. An integrated and  easy to deploy solution, for delivering all of the publishers internal and external content, with a single easy to use mobile app.


With Olive’s new cross media app, the publisher can define and publish unlimited “content channels” – each serving specific user needs. For example, web and breaking news for immediate updates, ePaper for in-depth print-like reading experience, video channel and photo galleries, social content such as the publishers’ facebook and twitter pages, dynamic sport scores and financial data, interactive games and crosswords and even archived editions for timely historical perspectives on this day in history.


There are so many new mobile apps out there – what is the OCM difference?
More than an App

OCM is a complete mobile strategy, backed by a sophisticated multi-channel, content management and delivery technology.

Your mobile shopping window

Designed to be the “shopping window” for all of your content portfolio.

The content journey starts here

Designed to convert free visitors into paid subscribers, using multi-tier content promotions.

Bridge multiple content channels

Channel web, print and social into a coherent content strategy.

Reduce operating costs and quick implementation

Save on multiple applications development with a single, cost-effective Mobile App available on any device and HTML5 browser.

More user engagement and visit time

With a greater value proposition and enhanced experience across all media channels.


Numerous content channels

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  • Web – Web | Breaking news
  • Social feeds – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Media – Video, photo galleries, podcasts & audio
  • Print – Print Edition & Historical archives
  • Information – Sports stats, scores, weather, stocks & more
  • Custom channels can be developed as well.

Clean design & reading


Adjust the font size, listen to the text, translated to any language, print share and more.

Integrated print edition

Promotes the trusted and familiar print edition,  organized in the same page-by-page format that the readers are familiar with in print.

Advanced Dashboard


OlivConnect – advanced publisher dashboard for complete control and insight into the publishing process. One-touch access for analytics, content enhancement, production scheduling, paywall control and more. Test market new publications by inserting new pages, adding videos and running special promotions.



Monetization programs

Full range of Olive’s monetization programs such as programmatic advertising, inserts, native ads and sponsorships.

Easy to deploy

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A single app, a single codebase and for any platform any content channel.

Easy to deploy

Requires minimal changes in your backend operations and editorial workflow. Our multi-channel intelligent content formatting technology does it all, making your content rendered beautifully and responsive on any device.



Easy integration

Easily integrates with your content resources and website through our Smart CMS interfaces – use a variety if available interfaces and feed types.

Easy to maintain & update

– No more exhausting app updates to the stores
– Save the need for frequent app updates with our unique “internal update process”
– Adding new content channels is straightforward
– Advanced publisher dashboard provides self-service maintenance and control

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