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Olive’s Content Marketing and Automation Software – OLIVMail – lets newspaper publishers and marketing departments take control of their message and provides the tools to maximize the reader experience.

  • Go beyond the plain old “Today’s issue is ready” notification. Now, readers can be engaged with beautiful emails and allows publishers to promote additional products, advertising revenue and content.
  • So not only will publishers have another outlet to promote their products and content but it can be measured and optimized to generate additional revenue.

OLIVMail is our new e-mail content marketing and automation platform that goes beyond daily edition notifications. 


User-friendly Campaign Editor

OLIVMail simplifies the creation of content marketing campaigns to encourage engagement, subscribership, special events, offers and more.

Email Marketing Automation

OLIVMail takes your marketing to the next level with available automation tools allow to create workflows to capture leads, nurture interest and convert readers into subscribers.

Advanced List Segmentation

Segmenting email list helps you speak more intelligently and directly with your readers, offering them information that they want at the right time. Use OLIVMail‘s advanced list segmentation in combination with our automation tools to increase your open rates, click through rates, engagement and ultimately your ROI.

Next level email analytics

OLIVMail lets you go beyond simple open rates and bounce metrics. Amazingly simple but powerful analytics tool will help you increase your ROI and get your email analytics to the next level.

No Spam

OLIVMail adheres to the highest standards and best practices to assure your content stays out of SPAM filters. Plus an extensive library of content marketing tips, practices and advice to help you make the most of every contact opportunity.

Privacy and Data Protection

OLIVMail protects your users’ data. Whether you’re in the EU or you have readers in the EU accessing your content, the privacy and data protections required are the strictest in the world, and quite complex.

Let’s leverage your email marketing!