ESW Capital Announces Acquisition of Olive Software
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Olive Software to continue its tradition as an authority and innovator in the digital publishing market

AUSTIN, TX – June 08, 2018 – ESW Capital, LLC, today announced that it has acquired Olive Software. A proven e-publishing pioneer, Olive Software is the leader in e-publishing solutions and digital archiving, providing hundreds of media companies and organizations globally with solutions that maximize reader satisfaction and transform digital content into profit centers.

Olive Software’s cloud-based e-publishing platform delivers cross-media publishing capabilities, digitally enriched print to web, monetization programs and audience engagement solutions. For more than 17 years, the company has been an authority in the digital publishing market.

Their patented and proprietary technology makes Olive Software unique in the industry. A strong history of innovations includes the first XML-based digital-edition, PDF to XML conversion system, web-based electronic magazine and cloud-based cross-media publishing solution.

Olive Software joins ESW Capital’s corporate family of more than 75 enterprise software companies, which has a global presence in over 45 countries. ESW Capital distinguishes itself in the software industry by being value driven. It also focuses on helping customers to achieve their strategic business goals through its Customer Success program, a proven method for aligning product development with customers’ goals.

Kyle Ford, an ESW Capital executive with more than twenty years of experience managing global companies for growth and profitability, has been appointed CEO of Olive Software.

“Olive Software is uniquely positioned as a strategic growth and revenue partner that empowers its clients for profitable and sustainable digital transformation,” said Ford. “We are proud to welcome them to the ESW Capital family.”

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