Raising the Stakes in New Digital Revenue with the Triple Crown
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  • Posted by: Olive Team

Digital Ad Inserts for the Belmont Stakes are truly justified. 

Triple Crown contenders are exceptional and so are the digital ad insertions placed by the Albany Times Union for the New York Racing Association which promote the Saratoga Race Course racing season and now the Belmont Stakes which may see Justify win the last leg of the Triple Crown. As VP of Circulation, Todd Peterson describes it, “The daily readership of our digital edition is smaller than our print circulation, but they have great loyalty in reading the paper each day and they spend over 15 minutes viewing our content on their digital devices”.

Todd worked with the New York Racing Association (NYRA) and proposed placing a full page promotion before the front page of the Times Union digital edition with a hot-link, “Call to action” to purchase tickets for the season or the for individual races”.  Todd constructed his proposal based on the principle of a quality creative where his readership would be positive about a reminder to buy tickets or attend.  He also believed that if the reader was “in-control” to swipe to the front page, they would not mind the ad placement.

As he discovered through analytics, 5% of those who viewed the ad, took the action to buy tickets through the hot-link.  The net result was that the readership did not mind seeing a quality ad on a subject that was relevant to them.  The ad agency and the customer (New York Racing Association) were equally pleased and coupled with the analytics that were provided, were convinced that this was as solid return on investment for this audience demographic.

Todd believes these ad inserts on the digital edition are a great value added offering for his advertisers and that the Olive team is very agile to place and hot-link these ads for each day’s paper.  Todd envisions that clients will renew their annual agreements for placing these digital insert ads well in advance, and even vie for the prime front cover of the digital paper.  As Todd sums it up, “we strive to propose new products and bundles for clients, particularly revolving around digital marketing solutions which provide both analytics and calls to action on all mobile devices”.