What do Vinyl and Newspapers have in common?
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  • Posted by: Olive Team

As we all know, the publishing industry is under huge pressure, with declining readership and advertising revenues. This “new world” is forcing publishers to dramatically cut operational costs,  redefine their business strategy, heavily invest in finding new ways to increase profitability, deploy new revenue streams and acquire new audience.

We like to use the analogy for the music industry. Years back we bought music albums consisting of 12 songs of which we only liked 8 but needed to buy the entire album. Then digital technology made it possible to purchase only the song(s) we like online. Now, we most likely subscribe to a streaming service to satisfy our need for music. We at Olive believe that the publishing market is experiencing a similar transformation. Familiar “containers” are evolving.

Our vision is to help publishers redefine their business strategy and deploy a more effective Digital First Strategy. However, publishers should not be forced to choose between distribution channels, which often appeal to a different audience. The uniqueness in Olive, is the idea of combining the three main content distribution channels –  print, web and social into a single comprehensive strategy, backed by our  technology platform, consulting services and a front end consumer mobile application.

We believe that such a strategy, can open new business opportunities save costs,  reduce redundant operations,  allure new audience, and most importantly – do all this  with a cost-effective,  easy to deploy solution, with minimal  negative impact on the ongoing operations.

With that being said, our product portfolio provides a variety of products that help publishers redefine their publishing strategy and keep it up to date for the demands of readers, the market and technology.