Olive Software announcing the launch of “Olive Cross Media App” (OCM)
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  • Posted by: Olive Team

Aurora, CO – Olive Software announced the launch of the Olive Cross Media App (OCM).  The app is a HTML5  based app designed for audiences on mobile and tablet devices.  The OCM is capable of rendering both feed driven content from the publishers’ CMS, third parties as well as the PDF sourced content for daily eEdition and Archives.

The OCM app can be configured to support all types of content feeds including CMS, video, photo galleries, audio/podcast, data/stats and many more.  OCM also includes features such as push notifications, social sharing capabilities, foreign language translation, and mechanisms allowing audiences to “preview” content in a meter like experience that would otherwise be behind a paywall.  This is intended to provide publishers, when combined with Olive’s OLIVPay advanced paywall technology, to convert anonymous readers into registered users and ultimately paid subscribers.

With the launch of the app, Olive featured the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Vegas Nation app, currently available in the Apple, Google and Amazon app stores.  The LVRJ’s “Vegas Nation” app is a vertical content app focuses building a cross-market audience for its football coverage of the Oakland Raiders during their ongoing transition to the Las Vegas market.  The Vegas Nation app example shows the flexibility of the Cross Media App, whereas it includes digital feeds from their digital CMS and third party data sources, video, Twitter and podcasts.

Other examples showing more traditional combinations of digital content, print, video, data and archive were included in the launch.

Dewayn Davis, CEO of Olive Software said “This is the latest of several exciting new offerings from Olive. OCM enables new & innovative business models while extending the Publisher’s brand as traditional “containers” evolve and content becomes more vertically oriented. It delivers flexibility to Publishers especially when combined with our OLIVConnect Publisher dashboard to distribute enriched and specialized content that can be cross-marketed and redeployed in compelling new ways. Olive is proud to continue our rich history of helping companies transform their content into intelligent knowledge assets for preservation, access and reuse.”

The Olive Cross Media App is available now.  Interested parties should contact Olive Software directly via their website by clicking here>>