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Announcing OLIVConnect…

  • Posted by: Olive Team

What in the world is OLIVConnect?

  • OLIVConnect is a cloud-based portal to the Olive technology ecosystem, providing publishers & partners direct access to Olive’s publishing technology & services.
  • OLIVConnect delivers intelligent content processing, publishing, distribution & monetization solutions for your digitally transformed print based content.
  • OLIVConnect provides robust publisher portal & tools allowing control over the configuration, features & functionality of their eEditions.

In other words, OLIVConnect is the new way for publishers and content owners to take control over their digital publishing.  This includes:

  • Access your staging and production sites from behind your paywall
  • Make customizations to their sites’ configurations
  • Configure advertising (tags, positioning, refresh intervals, etc.)
  • Manage paywall (On/Off, Scheduled)
  • Check analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Request page insertions – additional content, advertising, contests and more
  • Find product documentation
  • Receive service updates
  • Request support
  • and more…

OLIVConnect is currently in active user testing and we anticipate rolling it out in a phased approach across our entire customer base over the next few months.  There will be an overview webinar and additional details provided during that time.

If you have a login to the old self service portal tools (for paywall and for ad tags), you may have already been migrated to the OLIVConnect portal.  And if you’re a new customer of Olive’s, you might already have access as well.

Author: Olive Team

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