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Enabling your most valuable asset to be ingested, tagged, accessed, preserved, leveraged, and repurposed.


Olive delivers the capabilities and concepts to create new business models and revenue streams.


Your content delivered to all smartphone and tablet platforms with a rich, engaging and compelling consumer experience.


Olive tags content to ensure publishers understand how consumers engage and interact.


eEdition: Why should it be a critical part of your digital strategy?

  • Highest levels of engagement of digital platforms
  • Bridge between print and web, the best of both worlds
  • Highest value audience/demographic
  • Allows for a more flexibility in your circulation strategy
  • Allows you to publish more unique content without print expense
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The Best Digital Replica Provider

To stay competitive in the digital marketplace, Newspaper publishers need to provide rich digital editions of their newspapers. But ‘just’ a digital solution is not enough anymore – readers expect elegant, convenient and useful applications that allow multiple options to view, share and read content. Plus, digital newspapers need to be accessible and optimized for multiple platforms. Olive Software is providing products that meet and exceed these expectations.

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Using digital editions gives us new ways to serve our readers and advertisers. We like providing customers with the choice which best meets their lifestyles.
Frank Whittaker, Vice President, Operations, McClatchy
Our e-Star edition meets the needs of customers who want a portable, electronic platform for reading today’s paper while maintaining the familiar design and organization of the printed product.
Chris Christian, Vice President of Circulation, Kansas City Star

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The Secrets of Digital Audience Acquisition & Retention

How would you rate your organization’s ability to acquire and retain a deeply engaged digital audience? If you’re like most publishers, your website visitors come and go and your e-edition subscribers probably aren’t spending as much time in your content...

We Are Moving!

Olive Software has outgrown it’s current offices so we are moving effective July 18th. For us it is just down the street, but for our postal carrier, it might as well be the dark side of the moon… so please...